Founded in 2003, Accord Atlantic is an investment management partnership serving entrepreneurs and private / institutional investors in growth, accelerated growth, turnaround and other special situations where unique strategies and management methodologies are expected. The geographic focus is Southeast Europe, the Caspian and the Levant.


AA’s commitment is to transform ideas and objectives of entrepreneurs and private investors into realistic bankable and investment grade interests of sustainable growth and greater valuations with concrete contribution to investors’ wealth. The most distinct feature of the AA approach is the fine-tuning for and strong emphasis on the value to entrepreneur / investor in any exercise.


Although AA’s scope require a more unorthodox approach, AA is primarily a “back-to-basics” practice that relies on proven business and financial models with a closer focus on the entrepreneur’s worth. Combining lateral thinking with established fundamentals is the key to AA’s unique approach which includes certain proprietary features specifically designed to serve investors in growth, middle market and late-stage venture segments.