AA partners offer a unique perspective for regional investors in managing their capital assets. The same approach helps regional economies and businesses in attracting foreign investment, gaining access to capital, improving business processes and creating management know-how.


AA transforms projects and businesses of various stages into bankable investment targets and customizes strategic financing solutions by private placements of equity and debt. The scope also accommodates businesses in turnaround and bankruptcy situations or under-capitalized ventures and middle market companies requiring uncommon financing and management approach for growth. The objective is to put under-franchised regional businesses back onto the radar screen, as visible, bankable, growing business concerns.


AA is a fully independent practice. Independence serves investor’s best interest by fostering freedom of choice and hence enhancing odds for a successful closing or exit. Serving growth middle-market and venture businesses require a completely different set of skills, approach and methodology whereas methodologies as rendered by Corporate Finance are not designed to cater for investors and entrepreneurs in those special segments.


AA is a typical “back-to-basics” practice and speaks in numbers. The approach relies on realistic long-term financial planning based on sound and proven business and revenue simulations and models. AA’s approach includes certain proprietary features for growth, middle market and venture businesses specifically designed to serve these segments. One of the most distinctive features of the AA approach is a close-up focus on investor’s perspective to the transaction.